Rod Howell

Rod Howell is a world renowned tap dance teacher and choreorapher.
A Thank You

I want to say thank you to someone who saw something in me when I was just starting out tapping. He worked with me and taught me so many things both inside and outside the studio and I wouldn’t be where I am today with out him. Thank you so much Gregg Russell - I couldn’t have done it without you

Rod Howell - Tap Dancer

  • Tap Dance Teacher / Instructor
  • Tap Dance Choreographer
  • Musician - Tap Dance Music
  • Producer - Tap Dance Shows and Videos
  • Web Designer - Tap Dance Websites
  • App Designer - Tap Dance App


  • Choreographed for/Performed on National TV (Soap Net)
  • Wrote and recorded music for Soap Net Appearance
  • Recorded tap sounds for Miss America Pageant
  • Multiple Choreography/High Score Awards at Competitions
  • Performed with/Choreographed for Tapsounds Underground
  • Created world’s largest free tap dance video dictionary
  • Created the first online tap dance show, Garage Tap
  • Created an entire song out of a single tap sound
  • Nominated for most fascinating blog of 2011 (Tap Teacher Blog)

Teaching Credits

  • 30 Years Teaching Experience
  • Edge Performing Arts Center
  • L.A. Underground
  • 3D Dance Network
  • Encore
  • L.A. Elite Dance Convention
  • Chicago National Association Dance Masters
  • Serendipity Dance Co
  • Aspire Dance Studio
  • Studio 13
  • Bobbie's School of Performing Arts
  • The Talent Factory
  • Aspire Dance Studio
  • Los Angeles Ballet Academy
  • Pam Rossi's Dance Ten
  • Dancing Unlimited
  • Broadway Bound Dance Academy
  • Center Stage Dance Academy
  • Over 5 Million Views for his Youtube Instructional Videos